Note Publication Decisions


Please join us in congratulating the following Note Candidates for being selected to have their Note published in Volume 54 of the Indiana Law Review:

Jacob Antrim
Securities Fraud and Reliance: Indiana’s Securities Fraud Standard

Abby DeMare
Reviving the Disclosure Tort in Indiana: How a Contemporary Twist Could Give Life to a Dormant Remedy

Chris Goff
Unequal Protection: Dispensing with Unilateral Presidential Waivers

Kristen Hahn
Ghosts of the Supreme Court: A Historical and Jurisdictional Analysis Justifying a Constitutional Amendment for Compulsory Medical Retirement

Jon Jacobson
The Unsettled Issue from Leidos, Inc. v. Ind. Pub. Ret. Sys.: Should Item 303 Provide a Private Right of Action? 

Shane Kelly
Falling Through Statutory Gaps: Can Indiana Protect Endangered Species Without the Federal Endangered Species Act?

Evan Kennedy
Protecting the Fifth Amendment: Compelled Decryption in Indiana

Malissa Magiera ***
Leaving the Evergreening Problem to the Patent Experts – The USPTO, the PTAB, and the Federal Circuit

Janie Marso
Should Dead Men Walk Forever? A Look Into Indiana’s Execution Dilemma, the Constitutionality of Indefinite Death Sentences, and What Comes Next for Indiana

Colleen Morrison
The Continued Indefinite Incarceration of Indiana’s Incompetent Defendants Post-Jackson

Fred Sprunger
Resolving the Split: Manipulation in the Age of Musk and the Loss Causation Model 

Victoria Wilkinson
Twenty Years of Confusing Case Law: What is, Indiana Double Jeopardy

*** Winner of the Papke Prize for Best Student Note

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