2022-2023 Executive Board

Natalie Wichern

Natalie Wichern is the Editor-in-Chief for Volume 56. She is a 3L day student. She was born in St. Louis but has lived in Indianapolis since she was 12.

Natalie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and an MBA from the University of Indianapolis. She is involved in Moot Court as an Associate Justice of Competition Management, is a member of Phi Delta Phi, and is a Dean’s Tutorial Society Writing Fellow. She is also involved with the Special Olympics of Indiana.

Natalie enjoys staying active, shopping, Netflix binges, traveling, and playing volleyball (which she played in college). A boring fact about Natalie is that she has terrible vision without her contacts/glasses. Her comfort food is Thai food–particularly drunken noodles or Pad Thai. Her current mantra is “win the day!”

Executive Managing Editor
Christopher T. Rupert

Christopher T. Rupert is the Executive Managing Editor for Volume 56. He is a 3L day student from Conway, Arkansas. He completed his undergraduate education at Baylor University where he studied Economics. He is involved with Phi Delta Phi and is an extern for Justice Massa of the Indiana Supreme Court.

His favorite Supreme Court case is Shady Grove Orthopedic Assocs., P.A. v. Allstate Ins. Co. because of the interesting divide among the Court and resulting differences in reasoning between Justices Scalia, Ginsburg, and Stevens.

Outside of law school, Chris enjoys reading (particularly about US presidential history), attending concerts, and watching basketball. His comfort food is Chicken Fried Steak from George’s in Waco, TX. The best piece of advice he has ever received is to “know your why, and be yourself.”

Executive Notes Editor

Elizabeth Merritt

Elizabeth Merritt is the Executive Notes Editor for Volume 56. She is a 3L day student from Bargersville, Indiana. She attended IU Bloomington for undergrad where she majored in English and minored in Spanish.

Elizabeth loves reading (particularly fiction) and horseback riding. She has a pet horse named Simon! Her comfort food is popcorn and she loves to treat herself to a mani-pedi and Chick-Fil-A.

The best piece of advice Elizabeth ever received was “eight hours of sleep, every single night.” A boring fact about her is that she thinks that water has a taste.

Senior Executive Editor
Adam J. Wallace

Adam J. Wallace is the Senior Executive Editor for Volume 56. He is a 3L day student from Floyds Knobs, IN. He attended IU Bloomington for undergrad where he studied Finance, Real Estate, and Law Ethics and Decision-Making.

Adam enjoys running, rock climbing, disc golf, and watersports. His comfort food is steak and mashed potatoes, and his favorite books are The Martian and 127 Hours. His mantra is “don’t quit!” The best piece of advice he ever received is to develop great time management habits because they will be useful in all aspects of life.

Executive Articles Editor

John Gordon

John Gordon is an Executive Articles Editor for Volume 56. He is a 3L who began as a night student but transitioned to being a day student. In addition to being an Executive Articles Editor, he is also the Student Relations Chair for the First-Generation Law Society. He is originally from Salem, Kentucky, and studied Criminal Justice at Eastern Kentucky University.

John enjoys hiking, camping, reading, and touring bourbon distilleries. His favorite Supreme Court case is Gideon v. Wainwright because it is powerful yet short and succinct. His comfort food is a good burger.

The best piece of advice John has ever received is “your only competition is who you used to be.” A boring fact about John is that he “strongly believes” aioli is better than regular mayonnaise.

Executive Articles Editor

Mason L. Hamilton

Mason L. Hamilton is an Executive Articles Editor for Volume 56. He is a 3L day student from Indianapolis, Indiana. Mason received his undergraduate degree in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Indianapolis. 

Mason has also been involved with the McKinney Chapter of the Federalist Society and the Dean’s Tutorial Society. Throughout his life, he has worked in state government, the Court of Appeals of Indiana, and, currently, private practice. 

Mason’s favorite U.S. Supreme Court case is Marbury v. Madison because the establishment of judicial review provided a fundamental principle to the U.S. system of government and established the Judicial branch as a coordinated branch of government.

Outside of law school, Mason enjoys watching and attending NFL games with his wife.

Symposium Editor
Alexandra Jones

Alexandra Jones is the Symposium Editor for Volume 56. She is a 3L evening student and is originally from Sheridan, IN. She attended Butler University for undergrad and has a BA degree in Human Communications and Organizational Leadership & English Literature.

Alexandra made Order of the Barristers in 2021 and now serves on the Staton Moot Court board as an Associate Chief Justice. She is a member of the Dean’s Tutorial Society and Phi Delta Phi.

Alexandra will absolutely not eat anything with cheese on it, she thinks it is “just gross.” She and her husband love hiking National Parks and have a goal to visit all 63—they have hiked 20 so far!

Executive Online Editor
Julia Zuchkov

Julia Zuchkov is the Executive Online Editor for Volume 56. She is a 3L day student. She is the President of the First-Generation Law Society, a Research Assistant for Professor Dutton, and a member of the Women’s Caucus. She also served as an LCA Tutor for the Dean’s Tutorial Society.

Julia is originally from California but has lived in Indiana for about six years. She attended the University of California-Davis for undergrad, where she double majored in Psychology and Philosophy.

 A boring fact about Julia is that she cannot stand condensation on glasses. Her comfort food (currently) is Paneer Pasanda from Aroma. She enjoys cooking, reading, yoga, and murder mysteries.