Congratulations to the Volume 54 Executive and Editorial Boards!

The Indiana Law Review is pleased to announce the following members have been selected for its Volume 54 Executive and Editorial Boards. We look forward to their leadership and contributions to legal scholarship throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. Congratulations!

Sheremy Cabrera, Editor-in-Chief
Shannon Keating, Executive Managing Editor
Abby DeMare, Executive Notes Editor
Colleen Morrison, Senior Executive Editor
Diana White, Executive Articles Editor
Josh DeAmicis, Executive Articles Editor
Bre Robinson, Symposium Editor
Janie Marso, Executive Online Editor

Note Development Editors:
Chandler Clark
Evan Kennedy
Greg Lawton
Jon Jacobson
Kristen Hahn
Patrick Sanders

Articles Editors:
Fred Sprunger
Jacob Antrim
Monce Alvarez
Rocky Cislak


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