Congratulations to the Vol. 50 Note Candidates!

The Indiana Law Review is pleased to announce that the following students have been selected as Note Candidates for Volume 50.  We look forward to their contributions to legal scholarship over the coming school year. Congratulations!

Tess Anglin                                                     Zach Mahone

Joel Benson                                                     Ryan Mann

Bradley Boswell                                             Patrick McCarney

Janeia Brounson                                            Daniel McGregor

Kelsey Dilday                                                  Nathaniel Moyer

Katherine Forbes                                           Jennifer Phillips

Joseph Gilham                                                Jackson Schroeder

Allan Griffey                                                   Yaniv Shmukler

Ashley Hart                                                     Allison Skimehorn

Tyler Haston                                                   James Strickland

Michael Heavilon                                          Julie Tempest

Matthew Koressel                                          Tim Walters

Kayleigh Long


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