There is convincing evidence that persons in nursing homes, even persons with dementia in its later stages, benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally from close contact with loved ones, including conversation, touch, hugs and embraces, kissing, and sex. Nevertheless, nursing homes often discourage ongoing intimate relationships because of logistical, financial, and other considerations.

[T]he Guidelines’ assumption that many types of pharmaceutical inventions are inherently obvious and undeserving of patent protection is incorrect and based on an oversimplified view of how these inventions come about. This Article provides an evidence-based response to the Guidelines that refutes, or at least qualifies, some of the significant conclusions and recommendations set forth by its author.

Administrative agencies—performing quasi-judicial, legislative, and executive functions—serve as a direct link between Indiana’s citizens and their government. Because of this connection, agencies present the courts with a range of legal problems touching all corners of Indiana’s legal landscape and affecting wide-ranging interests.

American skepticism about legal education no doubt has been fueled in part by the economic crisis facing so many law schools today. Over the past six years, the national applicant pool to law school has declined by more than thirty-six percent.