Note Publication Decisions

Please join us in congratulating the following Note Candidates for being selected to have their Note published in Volume 53 of the Indiana Law Review:


Kole Brinegar – Papke Prize Recipient for Best Student Note
Finding the Way: Substantial Nexus After Wayfair

Edmund Abel
It’s Bullying That Killed Me: How to Combat Bullying in Indiana Schools Through Effective Legislation

Maxwell Adams
Collective Bargaining Challenges in the Rise of Esports and Professional Video Gaming

Marina Allen
Back in My Day, We Had Rights: The Med-Arb Solution to Mandatory Arbitration Clauses in Indiana Nursing Home Admissions Contracts

Coryn Blacketer
Defense or Deterrence: How Information Security Laws Can Shape the Future of Cybersecurity

Raelynn Chastain
Miranda in the Modern School: The Blurry Application of a Bright-Line Rule

Annie Hills
Legislative Strategies for Encouraging Organ Donation: Providing Protection and Incentives to Living Organ Donors

Matthew Reed
So You Want to Start a Health Plan?: Federal Laws Supporting and Undermining the Creation of PSHPs

Jake Torkeo
First Amendment Commercial Speech Claims in Dentistry: How the Dental Profession’s Specialty Advertising Restrictions Have Come Back to Bite the ADA and State Dental Boards

Travis Watson
From the Playhouse to the Courthouse: Indiana’s Need for a Statutory Minimum Age for Juvenile Delinquency Adjudication

Sahara Williams
CaCPA Tipping the Scales: Balancing Individual Privacy with Corporate Innovation for A Comprehensive Federal Data Privacy Protection Law

Placido Zambrano
Sports Betting in Indiana: The Proposed Legislation After Murphy v. NCAA


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