Congratulations to the Vol. 51 Editorial Board!

The Indiana Law Review is pleased to announce the following members have been selected for its Volume 51 editorial board. We look forward to their leadership and contributions to legal scholarship throughout the 2017-18 academic year. Congratulations!

Ashley Hart, Editor in Chief
Zachary Mahone, Executive Managing Editor
James Strickland, Executive Notes Editor
Michael Heavilon, Executive Articles Editor
Timothy Walters, Executive Articles Editor
Kayleigh Long, Senior Executive Editor
Bradley Boswell, Symposium Editor
Joel Benson, Executive Online Editor

Note Development Editors:
Tess Anglin
Katherine Forbes
Tyler Haston
Matthew Koressel
Julie Tempest

Articles Editor:
Kelsey Dilday
Joseph Gilham
Allan Griffey
Patrick McCarney
Nate Moyer
Yaniv Shmukler



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  1. Congratulations to all who will be serving on the Ed Board of ILR. If your law school experience is anything like mine was (at another law school which shall remain nameless… HINT: begin at the Stretch-n-Sew Fabrics store in the Ypsi-Arbor Strip Center in a town called Ypsilanti and proceed due west 14 miles until you see some Gothic architecture), you are leveling off in terms of how much there is to be learned simply by lectures and getting called on for the Socratic ordeal. I think I learned more in my third year being an editor than I did in my classes, and we also created some print that had value. Best of luck to you all, and I will provide my e-mail address here if any of you would like avuncular advice… which I literally had when I was in law school, as provided by my actual great uncle, Bill, who it turns out, was a perfectly awful lawyer in a large field of awful Chicago lawyers. He literally said this to me at a family gathering once: “So Scott, you’re in law school now, huh? Well I got one piece of advice for ya’, and it consists of THREE WORDS: ‘Can’t win’em all.'” I have done my best to ignore that advice throughout my 32 years in the practice, and so should you. Best of luck to all of you…. Regards, Scott Newman, Chief Counsel, Advisory Division, Office of Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, Jr. []. P.S. Win’em all!

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