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Union-Based Bidding Restrictions: Unresolved Issues

by Charles B. Daugherty Easter & Cavosie 10455 N. College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46280 (317) 574-0828 Charles B. Daugherty For centuries, public entities have employed competitive bidding to form construction contracts for public projects. Public entities often prefer competitive sealed bidding because it promotes both the lowest and best price, and fair and open […]


Indiana Employers Earn New Wage Claim Defense

by Kristopher N. Kazmierczak Katz Korin P.C. 334 N. Senate Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 317-464-1100 As of July 1, 2015, Indiana employers are no longer automatically liable for paying liquidated damages as a penalty for overdue wages under Indiana law. [1] Indiana law previously mandated that an employer must pay a […]


Suddenly, Employers are Exposed to Large Jury Verdicts for their Employees’ HIPAA Violations

Hannah Kaufman Joseph (Attorney Profile) Marc A. Menkveld (Attorney Profile) Katz & Korin, P.C. 334 N. Senate Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204 More info on the firm’s Blog, Facebook, and Twitter On November 14, 2014, the Indiana Court of Appeals upheld a $1.44 million jury verdict against Walgreen Company (“Walgreen”) for a pharmacist’s breach of privacy obligations. [1]. The […]