Note Publication Decisions

Please join us in congratulating the following Note Candidates for being selected to have their Note published in Volume 52 of the Indiana Law Review:


Riley Parr – Papke Prize Recipient for Best Student Note
I’m From the Juvenile Justice System and I’m Here to Help: Hoosier Juveniles’ Right to a Jury Trial

Courtney Abshire
Public Business is the Public’s Business: Koch’s Implications for Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act 

Amy Burbrink
The Shortcomings of Class Action Litigation as a Means of Regulating Biotechnology

Nicole Dobias
Protecting Software Intellectual Property After the Lexmark Decision

Elizabeth Hyde
A Bipartisan Policy for Democracy: Why Automatic Voter Registration is Right for Indiana

Bradley Lohsl
Where is the Hoosier Hospitality? The Ever-Evolving Child-Parent Relationship and Indiana’s Need for Gender-Neutrality

Kevin McCusker
The Patentability of Signal-Carrying Media

John Millikan
Last Line of Defense: How Indiana Can Encourage Naloxone Availability During its Opioid Crisis 

Haley Roach
Location, Location, Location: How the ACCA’s Categorical Approach Produces Vast Sentencing Discrepancies, and Why the Sentencing Guidelines Should Replace it

Henry Robison
Rolling the Dice: The Impact of HEA 1350 on Casino Tax Revenues and Distributions in Indiana

Carla Uhlarik
How TIF Districts Can Help Battle Food Insecurity in Indiana