Welcome: An Invitation

Welcome to the Indiana Law Review Blog!  I am pleased to be associated with this exciting project, and I want to share some thoughts about why I think this can become an important destination for lawyers seeking to keep up with legal change.

One of the hazards of practice used to be learning about new cases that might affect your case or understanding the implications of a complex new statute or regulation on your clients.  Law reviews or professional newsletters used to track these developments, but their editorial process meant that it took months for a Case Note or an Article to appear.  In the meantime, savvy attorneys relied on trusted colleagues to help them figure out what was going on during lunchtime chats or hushed conversations in the library.

Blogs are now the substitute for this informal discussion about the law, assuming that the readers trust the judgment of the bloggers.  Trust like that must be earned over time with quality posts from quality authors, but the advantage is that a blog gives instant and written feedback on the latest Supreme Court decision, a new bill in the legislature, a unique legal issue, or a fresh paper talking about something that may be relevant to you.  Or perhaps you will just like reading the posts for their own sake, even if they have nothing to do with your work.  In any event, we hope that you will join with us to make this blog a stimulating forum for discussion.

The Indiana Law Review and others like it will still remain important vehicles for developing legal scholarship. However, the lengthy academic discussions and analysis of legal issues are not always the most applicable to practitioners with imminent briefing deadlines. This blog aims to provide the legal community with concise, yet thoughtful analysis of recent developments in the law and other pressing legal issues, which I believe will be a useful tool to alumni, legal faculty, judges, and the bar at large.

I encourage you to subscribe to the blog, actively participate in discussion, submit articles for publication consideration, and follow the blog on social media. Please share this exciting new project with your colleagues.

– Gerard N. Magliocca

Samuel R. Rosen Professor of Law

Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

McKinney Law Staff Profile


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