Free Speech

How Much Constitutional Protection For TRUTHFUL COMMERCIAL SPEECH?

R. GEORGE WRIGHT; Lawrence A. Jegen Professor of Law, Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. The author’s thanks are hereby extended to Konstantina Kloufetos and Sheremy Cabrera.          Much of the harm of speech paternalism arises, of course, in the context of political, as distinct from commercial, speech. [9] But as the Court has declared, […]


The Projected Light Message Cases: A Study in the General Erosion of Free Speech Theory

Any new practice involving communication can pose a challenge to established free speech law. A few such practices are of exceptional value in promoting a clearer understanding of free speech law and, crucially, of the increasingly important deficiencies of even our best free speech theories. The practice of projecting light messages onto targeted property is just such a practice.