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The Dreaded Pre-Tender Issue: Indiana Courts Should Reconsider Whether Pre-tender Costs are Recoverable

by Ryan T. Leagre (Attorney Profile) [i] Associate Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP 1346 N. Delaware St. Indianapolis, IN 46202-2415 (317) 637-0700 The ability of a policyholder to recover pre-tender costs is an evolving area of insurance coverage law. In Dreaded, Inc. v. St. Paul Guardian Insurance Company, the Indiana Supreme Court held […]


How Corporate Transactions Can Make Liability Insurance Coverage Disappear

by Lara Langeneckert Deputy Solicitor General Office of the Indiana Attorney General Imagine you are a successful widget manufacturer, and you have just expanded your business by purchasing another widget company called Acme. In the sale, you received all of Acme’s corporate assets, including its commercial general liability (“CGL”) insurance policy [1] from Flanders Insurance. […]