Getting Social Media Into Evidence

by Michele Lorbieski Anderson
Managing Associate
Frost Brown Todd
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All of the social media sites and applications available today share one thing in common: the users provide the content.  As such, social media can be a good source of electronically stored information (“ESI”) about those users, most commonly in the form of pictures, statements, or videos.  The phrase “you can’t trust everything that you see on the internet” hints at the most obvious barriers to the admission of evidence from social media, which are authentication and hearsay. (more…)

Toxic Tort Symposium Details

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September 23, 2014 Symposium (Click Here for additional information)

Local, National and International Responses in the Age of Globalization

This Conference will address local, national and international responses to Toxic Torts via robust presentations and discussions.  The first panel, Toxic Torts Liability features four prominent speakers in the field.  They will examine the latest development in torts law in the United States and abroad.  The second panel, Environmental Justice Responses to Toxic Torts will focus on the various forms of responses from scholars and community organizations in addressing the impact of toxic torts. The third panel, Human Rights Responses to Toxic Torts will broaden the conference with discussion on various projects organized at various levels to address the international human rights dimension. (more…)

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Welcome to the Indiana Law Review Blog!

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